Tale 12

     Osho is staying in Sohan’s house in Poona and giving  discourses at “Sanghvi Tifin Factory” ground which is quite a distance from Sohan’s. This evening it is time to leave for discourse, but the driver has not come. We wait for about five minutes and then Osho, looking at His watch says, “ It is getting late--let us go.” Before anyone can say anything, He opens the front door and sits in the drive seat and starts the car. Sohan and I look at each other in wonder. I open the front door and tell Sohan to sit next to Him and I sit in the back seat. He is driving very fast, and we are sitting there holding our breath. There are so many turns on the way, I wonder if He knows the way.

     To my surprise, in a few minuets we reach our destination. Friends who are waiting there to receive Him come near and open the back door. I come out and they ask me, “Where is Osho?”

     In the meantime, Osho has opened the front door Himself and has started walking towards the podium. I just point towards Him with my finger and look at my watch: we have arrived two minutes early. Osho never likes to be late for discourse. What a master! Living in timelessness and always on time! Osho, your compassion is infinite. Your love and care for your fellow travelers can’t be expressed in words. Only those who have tasted it will understand.
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