Tale 18

     The plane strike is over and we go by plane from Udaipur to Ahmedabad. It is my first experience of traveling by plane. Osho enters the plane and I follow Him; He sits by the window and I sit next to Him. I tell Him, “I am traveling by plane for the first time, and I am scared.” In the meantime an air hostess comes with a tray. Osho picks up one little packet and opens it: there is cotton inside. He breaks it in two pieces and giving me one says, “Put it in your ears and when the plane takes off just close your eyes and look inside. It is a good opportunity to meditate.”

     Then He shows me how to fix the belt. It is about half an hour’s flight, and one which I will never forget. I close my eyes when the plane starts-it is really a unique experience when it takes off. I feel as if I am transported into another world. After a few moments I open  my eyes and look outside the window: our plane is passing through the clouds and I am thrilled and overjoyed with the experience.

     I look at Osho: He is sitting like a beautiful marble statue with closed eyes, no movement of any kind. I don’t know what to say, “He is totally present t - or totally  absent.” Surely He is not sleeping.

     As the plane lands at Ahmedabad airport, He opens His eyes, unites His belt, and asks me, “How was it?”

     I say, “Osho, It was great-I really enjoyed it.” I say to myself, “It is better to travel by plane one time than traveling by trains ten times.” I wonder if He heard it-He just looks at me and smiles.
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