Tale 44

     Today Laxmi has arranged to go boating on Dal Lake. Osho, Sheelu and I arrive at the lake, where Laxmi is waiting for us. One shikara (little boat) is tied to a motor boat by a thick long rope. Laxmi, Sheelu and I get into the motor boat and Osho, with Kranti, sits in the shikara.

     The motor boat is driven by a young Muslim boy who looks very excited to see his passengers. The motor boat goes fast pulling the shikara by a rope.

     After a few minutes we hear Kranti calling us to stop. the motor boat stops and the Muslim boy pulls the rope of the shikara. When the shikara touches our boat, to our surprise, Osho gets up and jumps in the motor boat and Sheelu jumps in the shikara to be with Kranti.

     Osho tells the driver that He wants to drive the boat. The driver gets up from the seat which Osho occupies and here we go. Osho drives so fast and zigzags away that the knot of the rope opens up and the shikara is left behind. I hear Kranti shouting, “Bhaiya, bhaiya” (which means big brother) -- but “Bhaiya” does not listen to her!

     I am holding my breath, the boat could turn upside down any moment. The whole lake is in turmoil. I look at Laxmi and she smiles at me.

     I think Osho is doing it purposely to give us this experience of being in danger and bringing our fear of death to the surface. I am sure I am going to drown any moment. Feeling helpless I close my eyes.

     Finally the boat has slowed down and has touched the shore. I take a deep breath and wonder if I am still alive. Looking at us Osho gives us His heavenly mischievous smile.
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