Tale 71

     One of my friends has a book about black magic and just out of curiosity, I have borrowed it from him to read. It is a new subject for me and I find it interesting. I continue reading it till midnight and when I am really sleepy, I turn off the light and place the book on the side table of my bed, near Osho’s picture which he has signed and given to me. In a couple of minutes, the book slips down on the floor. Hearing this noise, I think that I have not placed the book properly and it has lost its balance and fallen down.
     Again, the next night, I continue reading this book and when feeling sleepy, I place the book properly near Osho’s picture and turn off the light later on, remembering last night’s incident. Immediately, I get up with a great shock, hearing the noise of the book falling on the floor. I get scared. I switch on the light, not understanding what has happened. The book is on the floor. I look at Osho’s picture and I feel it very much alive. He is smiling at me. I understand the message and picking up the book from the floor, I place it in another corner of the room. Next day, when I return the book to the friend, narrating him last night’s incident, he remarks, “You are fortunate. Your master has saved you.” I ask him, “What about you?” He answers, “I am totally in it and I don’t want to drop it in the middle.”

     I feel sorry for the friend, when after few months I hear that he has gone mad.
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