Tale 82

     Krishna Arup wants to be next to Osho’s car so he drives very fast overtaking vehicles on the way. Consequently his car gets a punctured tire and is left behind in a deserted area. I feel very frustrated, sitting under a tree for nearly an hour till the tire is changed.

     By the time we reach poona, the whole function arranged by Poona friends to welcome Osho is over. His enlightenment day celebration has started in front of bungalow #17. Osho is sitting cross legged on a big square table which is covered with a white sheet. Kirtan is going on and people are coming in line to touch His feet. It is quite crowded. I don’t miss this opportunity and join the line to touch His feet one more time. This thirst of being near Him seems to be unquenchable. The more I drink, the more thirsty I feel. When I reach near Him, He gives me a mischievous smile which I can not understand. After the celebration is over, Osho gets up, namastes everyone one more time and walks with Laxmi to bungalow #33. I leave with a few friends for dinner and check in for the night in a hotel. I am feeling exhausted by now and want to go to bed early.

     I think of Osho and imagine how tired He must be of meeting people the whole day. During my night meditation, I pray for Him to sleep well tonight in the new place.
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