Tale 86

    I continue to stay in Poona and feel blessed, sitting every morning in the presence of Osho during discourse. The commune around Osho has expanded beyond my imagination. It has become a little world in itself. People from all over the world are pouring in. It is unbelievable how hundreds of people are living and working together in such harmony. No one bothers about anyone's nationality or religion. Some invisible thread of love for Osho has made this garland of flowers around Him.

     After a few days I meet Osho in evening darshan and He gives me a beautiful silver Parker pen as a gift and asks me to start helping in the accounts department.

    I have already worked for twenty years in the outside world doing accounts and I am tired of it. I express my reluctance to work in accounts. He laughs and says, "It is going to be different here. Just playing with figures, you can go through the zero experience. Don't take it seriously." He talks in detail about the three 'M's: Mathematics, Music and Meditation. I am simply listening to Him with my eyes wide open looking at Him. I had never thought that music and meditation have anything to do with mathematics. I hear Him say, "Mathematics is head, music is heart and meditation is being. When all the three work in harmony, everything becomes a play. "

    When I bow down to touch His feet He places His hand on my head saying, "Very good, Jyoti." I get up and walk back to my seat, totally unburdened and ready to play with figures in the accounts department.
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