Tale 92

    After one and a half years, I manage to visit Osho at Rajneeshpuram (America) where the new commune was being created. Osho is in silence and comes out only in the afternoon for a drive. I see Him at drive by, standing in a line with other sannyasins by the side of the road. Just a glimpse of Him is enough joy for me. He sends me one of His caps as a gift but we never meet physically.

    My next meeting with Osho happens in Manali (India) in December 1985 when he came back from America. He is staying in a beautiful hotel surrounded by a range of mountains covered with snow and at the back side of the hotel there is a river flowing in all its glory making the musical sound of running water. Manali is known as the valley of gods. The whole atmosphere is nourishing. Osho looks quite healthy and happy. At 10:30am, when I enter His room with a few more friends He is sitting on a sofa and we all sit near Him on the floor which is covered with a carpet. All these years of being away from Him physically just vanish in a moment. He tells us His story of being in the American jails which is hitting me in my navel center. I can feel all the pain He has gone through and silently tears are flowing down from my eyes.

     Osho's future program is not yet clear. Only a few sannyasins who are taking care of Him stay with Him, others are allowed to visit but go back. Osho asks us to go to the Poona commune and help there. He gets up and leaves for the bathroom. We all walk out from His room with our hearts heavy and leave Manali in three days to continue the journey on our own.
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