Tale 95

    These days in Sumila are another precious gift for me. I clean Osho's room and bathroom for many days. The bathroom has a sliding door and I close it while cleaning. One afternoon I am cleaning the bathroom floor with soapy water with my back towards the door. I hear someone sliding the door slowly. I look back and to my astonishment Osho is standing there. He raises his finger like a school kid in gesture and says, "Jyoti, one minute." He needs to come in and use the toilet. My mind goes blank. I look all around, the floor is wet with soapy water and spontaneously I ask him, "Osho, can you wait two minutes?" He smiles and okays me with a gesture of His hand and walks back to His room. I hurry up and dry the floor as fast as l can, put away my buckets and cleaning stuff and walk to the entrance of His room. He is sitting in the chair with closed eyes. I hesitate to disturb Him but thinking that He must be waiting for my signal, I whisper "Osho." He opens His eyes, smiles and gets up from the chair. I stand by the side of the wall. When He passes near me like a fresh breeze, He says, "Jyoti, I will be back in a minute. "

    My heart starts throbbing fast as if I am having energy darshan with Him. I am unable to stand and walk out to sit down. After a while, my mind starts rebuking me for telling Osho to wait. During my meditation in the night my heart cries and I ask Osho to forgive me or my unconsciousness.

    Next morning Osho sends me His napkin as a gift, I take the napkin, sit down and keep it on my heart and feel His infinite unconditional love. Thank you, beloved master, for unburdening me of my guilt with your loving gesture.
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