Tale 97

    I have lost my original mala that was given to me by Osho and have to get a new one made. The day I get the new mala I take it with me in my purse to Sumila. My heart is longing to give it to Osho so He can put it around my neck again. I don't talk about it to anyone but somehow my master hears it. After lunch Neelam comes out from Osho's room and says, "Osho is asking if someone wants to meet him." I simply jump in joy and raise both my arms. There are a few more friends present who also express their wish to meet Osho.
    At 3:OOpm we go together with Neelam into Osho's room. He is sitting in His chair and greets us with a big smile. We all sit around Him on the floor. He talks to each one of us ll When He finishes with everyone I take out my new persona y. mala and give it to Him. He asks me, "What happened to your old mala?". I tell Him, "It was stolen from my room." He looks thoughtful and asks me to come closer. I move near to His chair and close my eyes. As He puts the mala around my neck my head bows down and He places His left hand on my head. My thinking stops by His miraculous touch. I feel the warmth of His hand and His blessings showering on me in silence.
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