Osho is an Enlightened One, who has become one with Infinity, the Totality.
He is NOT--but the Infinity breathes through him.  He is not a person but the
Divinity personified. Transcendental Truth shines every moment through him.
His eyes, his fingers, his gestures, his laughter, his smile, brings the
message from the beyond and the transcendental. In fact, he is not living
in Cosmic Consciousness, but has become the Cosmic Consciousness. Even
further,he lives beyond Cosmos, beyond Being--in No-Being, in No-thing ness,
in the Great Void--Nirvana.
    There lies in him the essence of Lao-tse, Buddha, Krishna and Christ.
He says, they are one and the same. A seeker of truth can feel the mystery
of his existence and the radiation of the divinity in him. By his very presence
the seeker feels that something mysterious has started changing, and
awakening within him.
    Born on 11th December 1931, in a small village of Central Province
(now Madhya Pradesh) in India, he bloomed into fullness, took his Master's
degree in Philosophy from the Sagar University in 1957. He was an extra-
ordinarily brilliant student and stood first in the University. Later on he served
in two colleges as a Professor for nine years. In 1966 he resigned from his
service to consecrate his life to the Wish of God--for the spiritual regeneration
of humanity and to spread practical spirituality for every man.
    He travels throughout the country giving discourses, discussions and
conducting Meditation Camps. He challenges and shatters all the set patterns
and values of human culture and knowledge. He wants to indicate the totality
of Life, and brings about the Total Transformation of human beings. The
process, the Alchemy for the inner transformation, he says, is MEDITATION
and SAMADHI. As a back-ground for this, one must be free from the clutches
of scriptures, words, authorities, traditions, knowledges, beliefs and the past
memories. He says that when the consciousness is totally non-identified with
the contents within and without it, in that Void, Emptiness, an explosion of
every thing takes place. One transcends the body, the mind, the thoughts and
there remains the pure Is-ness, the mysterious diviinity, infinite bliss which no
words can describe.
    He says, the total transformation of every individual being into his total
divine potentialities is the Way, the dimension, the solution, for the uncountable
problems of modern civilization. That alone can save Man from total destruction.
    Due to his lecture tours and meditation camps, some  inspired friends and
seekers have formed many 'Life Awakening Centres' throughout India. They
publish his lectures, conduct his tours and meditation camps. In Hindi language
they publish a quarterly magazine-- 'JYOTI SHIKHA' (the Divine Flame) and
a monthly magazine 'YUKRAND' (bulletin of Rebellious Youth Force). In the
near future they are going to publish an English monthly magazine also.
    They have a vision to create a "World Meditation Centre" where all the
dimensions of human potentialities could be experimented, searched and
awakened in the light of modern science, human wisdom and practical spirituality.

    Thousands of seekers from India and abroad are coming closer and closer to
Osho. Many of them are being transformed, changed and awakened. Unseen
forces are attracting seekers from all the corners of the world towards Osho
to usher a world-wide movement for Spiritual Awakening.

    In India, Osho speaks in the Hindi language. His lectures on various subjects
are published in the forms of books. Many of the books have been translated
into different Indian languages and some of them are in English. The English
speaking audience and foreign interviewers, he addresses in English.

    Now Osho has  settled in Bombay having his World Head Quarters of Life
Awakening Movement here.

    He has also initiated and inspired a "Neo-Sannyas International Movement"
in which seekers from different religions, such as  Hindu, Jain, Mohammedan,
Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Sikkha -- have been initiated into Sannyas-Life
forming a Family of Religions. Uptil now 460 Sannyasins from India and abroad
have been initiated into "Neo-Sannyas."

    Under his guidance these experienced Sannyasins are travelling  throughout
India to conduct meditation experiments, inspiring people about Real Life.
These Sannyasins are also conducting Divine Healing Experiments. Within a few
months these Neo-Sannyasins will start for a World Tour to spread the message
and practical spirituality of Osho through 'Neo-Sannyas International' and Life
Awakening Movement.

    Let God send thirsty seekers, striving souls, restless youths and the hungry and
angry new generation to dive deep into the cool and serene illumination, enlightenment,
and divinity of Osho, and be awakened to save humanity.

                                                                                                Swami Yoga Chinmaya
A-1, Woodlands
Peddar Road,
BOMBAY-26, (India).
Phone: 382184.

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