(A collection of thirty immortal letters written by Osho to Ma Yoga Bhakti, New York, U.S.A., later on known as Ma Anand Pratima, World President of Neo-Sannyas International.)


01 The Inward Growth
02 Life is Non-Fragmentary 
03 Maturity Comes Through Understanding 
04 Reason is Necessary but Not Enough
05 Authentic Knowledge-Only Through Meditation 
06 Self-Deception 
07 The Silent Observation
08 The Explosion of Thoughtless Awareness
09 The Fire Test
10 Drop Yourself into the Divine
11 The Anti-Life Negative Attitudes
12 Purity--a Consequence of Meditation
13 Mutation is Explosion
14 The Mind Dies with Total Acceptance
15 Thought Can Never Come to the Cosmic Whole
16 Freedom from the Ideology-Oriented Mind
17 To Go Beyond Ego
18 Ecstasy is Always with the New
19 Truth Cannot be Transferred
20 Transcendence of Conflicts
21 Knowledge is through Experience
22 The Seeker Dissolves in Awareness
23 Illusion of the Ego
24 The Trap of the Opposites
25 To Be Negative is to Be Self-Destructive
26 Mind is Ego-Centric 
27 Childish Metaphysical Theories
28 In Search of the Secret of Success
29 Childish Answers About the Ultimate Reality 
30 The Eternal Message 
31 Osho : A Glimpse