( A collection of thirty immortal letters written by Osho to Ma Yoga Bhakti, NY, U.S.A.)
Letter: 18/Ecstasy is Always with the New

        beloved bhakti,

    Love. Knowledge is accumulation.
    That is why knowledge is always dead.
    While learning is moment to moment.
    Because learning is not acumulation -- but movement.
    So do not be dead with knowledge.
    But move with learning.
    Only then you will be alive.
    Do not be tethered to experience.
    Experience is slavery.
    Always transcend that which has been.
    So that you are ready to receive the new.
    Ecstasy is always with the new, with the fresh, with the
young, with the discontinuous.
    And to be always in the discontinuous is to be in the Divine.

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