( A collection of thirty immortal letters written by Osho to Ma Yoga Bhakti, NY, U.S.A.)
Letter: 25/To Be Negative is to Be Self-Destructive

        beloved bhakti,

    Love. Begin to live positively.
    That is: with positive emotions.
    To be negative is to be self-destructive.
    And ultimately suicidal.
    But ordinarily the mind works that way.
    Because it is only an instrument for safety and security.
    It detects death only and not LIFE.
    So to be completely positive is to transcend mind.

    Some Fakir was asked to talk to a group about the negative
nature of the mind. He tacked up on the wall a large sheet of
perfectly white paper. He made a black spot in the paper with
a pencil. Then he asked each man to say what he saw. Each
man replied, 'a black spot'. The Fakir then said: "Yes, there is
a  little black spot. But not one of you saw the big expanse of
white paper. And that is the point of my speech."

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