( A collection of thirty immortal letters written by Osho to Ma Yoga Bhakti, NY, U.S.A.)
Letter: 24/The Trap of the Opposites

        beloved bhakti,
    Love. Anger, violence, greed or envy cannot be overcome
by the cultivation of their opposites.
    Because anger itself will cultivate its opposite.
    And violence will be present in its cultivated non-violence.
    So always be aware of the hypnotic spell of the opposite.
    It never solves any problem.
    Because it is beating around the bush.
    Do not fall into the trap of the opposite.
    But understand anger, violence or greed or anything else
    To seek the opposite is a way of escape.
    To seek the opposite is cowardice.
    Live with your mind as it is.
    Do not try to change it.
    Be brave to face it and to understand it.
    When the light of awareness falls on anger, or greed, or
envy, there is a change.
    Awareness acts as a catalytic agent.
    And then anger does not change into its opposite.
    It is not that violence becomes non-violence.
    But there is no-anger.
    There is no-violence.
    And when there is no-violence, there is no-mind.
    And an altogether different dimension opens its door.
    The dimension of the spontaneous.
    The dimension of the Divine.

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