( A collection of thirty immortal letters written by Osho to Ma Yoga Bhakti, NY, U.S.A.)
Letter: 22/The Seeker Dissolves in Awareness

        beloved bhakti,

    Love. it is very easy to progress from one illusion to another.
    Because, no foundational transformation is needed.
    There is no shaking of the foundations.
    Because, you remain the same.
    So the real problem is not to change the objects of desire.
    From the worldly to the other-worldly.
    But to transform oneself.
    Not to change the seeking.
    But to change the seeker.
    Otherwise the problem remains as it is--only it takes new
    But how to change the seeker?
    First find it out--where it is and what it is.
    And then you will come to know a hidden secret, that the
seeker exists only until it is not sought.
    And when someone goes to search it out--it is never found.
    It exists only in ignorance.
    And in darkness.
    In awareness it is not.
    And this realization of NO-SELF is the jump.
    Jump into the unknown.
    Jump into the Truth.

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