Tale 25

 Today everyone has gone out for dinner except me. Osho is resting in His room and I am lying down in my bed in the next room. Something like a knot has started growing in my left breast and when I showed it to my doctor he advised me to get it checked at Tata Hospital. He suspects that it might be a cancerous growth. I am scared. I would rather die than suffer from cancer. One of my intimate friends had already been operated on with cancer in her breast. I am still not mentally ready to go for a check-up. I have not talked to anybody about it but inside I am getting more and more worried.

 I decide to talk about it to Osho. I am lost in my thoughts and can’t believe hearing Osho’s soft voice calling me. I open my eyes and find Him standing near my bed. I try to sit up but can’t. I feel frozen. There is a little space near my pillow where He sits and places His hand on my forehead. I am touched so deeply, I start crying. When I calm down He asks, “What is the matter? Are you hiding something from me?” Now I can’t hold it anymore and tell Him about this cancerous growth in my left breast. He says, “Where is it exactly?” I take His right hand and place it on the knot. He tells me to relax and close my eyes.

 I go into a deep relaxation and feel some hot flow of energy coming out of His hand and entering into my body. He sits silently for few moments and then takes His hand away. He assures me that there is nothing wrong and I should not worry about it. I try to get up but He says, “Lie down for awhile,” and leaves me alone. I start crying again silently in gratitude and fall into sleep unknowingly. In the morning I feel very fresh when I wake up. I touch my breast and there is no knot. I am sure He has dissolved the knot with His divine healing energy.

 When I reach Bombay and show it to my doctor, he is surprised, and wants to know how it happened.

 I talk about the healing power of Osho which He always denies. Osho never claims to heal anybody but I know many more friends who are healed by His divine touch.
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