Tale 26

    This time, I have come along with Osho to Ahmedabad, where He is delivering a series of discourses on Geeta.

     After the morning discourse, He has lunch at 11:30am and then rests for a couple of hours. I sit at the door on the stool to guard. It is a hot summer afternoon and I feel very sleepy and start dozing sitting on the stool. Just to keep myself awake I try to read a book. somehow, I manage to sit there and make sure that He is not disturbed in anyway.

     At 2:00pm He comes out of the room and goes to the bathroom. I arrange tea for Him. Soon people will be arriving to meet Him personally. As I am pouring tea in the cup, He asks me, “Will you work as my secretary?” It is beyond my imagination and without giving a thought to it, I simply answer, “Osho, I need a secretary myself.”  He says, “Your laziness is nothing compared to mine.” And He starts telling lots of stories about His laziness. I feel He is creating fiction stories. When I tell Him this, He says, “No, no, they are all facts.”

     One story which I love is about keeping His bed near the door when He was a student and staying in a hostel. He would open the door and  straight away jump on the bed. All His books were around and underneath the bed. He had nothing to do with the rest of the room.

     I enjoy listening to His stories of laziness, which makes me feel free of my guilt of being lazy.
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