Tale 74

     While Osho is staying in the Woodlands in Bombay we, the first group of Sannyasins who took Sannyas in Manali, meet with Him almost every day.

     Today I go with Ma Yoga Bhagwati to see Osho and He asks us if we will be coming to the next meditation camp at Mount Abu. I tell Him, “Osho, I am not coming to this camp. I feel utterly exhausted and need to rest while you are gone.” He chuckles and turns His eyes to Bhagwati. She also replies negatively when Osho asks her. The reason she says is that she has to take care of her brother’s children’s studies, as their exams are very close.

     To my astonishment, Osho tells her if she would die what would happen to the studies of the children? She should not take such unnecessary responsibilities.

     Seeing Bhagwati in confusion, Osho tells her she should just do what He is asking her. Saying this, Osho gets up and walks towards the bathroom. Finding no other way, Bhagwati decides to go to the camp and we walk out of the room. We are both puzzled.

     I wonder why Osho did not insist on me coming to the camp. Bhagwati is also surprised by the way Osho insisted that she come to the camp. Usually that is not the way of Osho. He always leaves people free to decide for themselves. At the most when asked He suggests what he feels right.

     It is a five day meditation camp at Mount Abu and I am relieved when Osho is gone. While Hi is in Bombay, I would leave my home at 7:30am and not be back until 11:30pm in the night. Sometimes I decide not to go to evening discourse but when the evening comes, some unknown force pulls me towards the Woodlands. Osho never believes in any holidays. He speaks every day continuously year in and year out. I enjoy my free evenings very much and get myself ready for the coming series of discourses on the Bhagavadgeeta, which will start the day Osho arrives back in Bombay.

     I have to take care of maintaining the bookstall at Cross Maidan. We are hardly eight to ten friends who are actively involved in this work during Osho’s discourses and Bhagwati is one of them.
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