Tale 88

    After fifteen days, I have an appointment with the dentist to get my wisdom tooth removed, which is pinching me in the cheek. In the meantime, I go for my energy darshan with Osho. Osho has started giving energy darshan to sannyasins who are working in the commune. It is a technique in which the master touches the third eye center of the disciple to transfer his energy. I am called forward. Osho smiles at me. I bow down to Him and sit on the floor with closed eyes. He holds my chin with His left hand, pressing with his thumb exactly at the point where my wisdom tooth is troubling me. With the thumb of His right hand He presses my third eye center. My mouth goes wide open and my thinking stops. I can feel the flow of His energy penetrating my third eye center. When He takes away His hands I walk back to my seat like a drunkard.

    When darshan is over I walk out of Lao Tzu and feel something in my mouth. I cannot believe my eyes when I find my wisdom tooth in my hand. There is no pain, no sign of any blood coming out. What a miracle!

     The next day I ask my dentist to cancel the appointment and tell him what has happened. Being a lover of Osho the dentist asks me to tell Osho that He should not interfere in his business, otherwise he will file a case against him!
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