Tale 89

    Time seems very precious with Osho I don't want to go away even for a single day anywhere. Every morning, sitting with Him in discourse is a blessing for me. Every day He is taking me deeper and deeper in silence. His voice works like a miracle for me. As He starts speaking, I close my eyes, my chattering mind stops immediately and His voice starts echoing inside me as if coming from my navel.

     One day I write him a couple of lines, expressing my experience while listening to Him. I write Him, "Osho, I don't know what you are saying and I don't know what I am listening to, but it is happening." In reply to this, Osho says in discourse, "It always happens like this. Words are not important. When the disciple brings his unlit flame close to the master, the master's lit flame jumps to the unlit flame and lights it. The master loses nothing and the disciple gets everything. "

     He further adds, "I am happy when I look at you, It is happening to you and it will happen more and more. There is no end to the opening of this bud. It goes on blooming more and more every day. This journey has a beginning only but no end. But beware of not looking back. "

    Listening to all this in the silences of my heart, I get the message. The next day I send my resignation to the Bombay office by mail and feel relieved.

    The bridge I have crossed is broken forever.
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