Tale 76

     As we enter into Bhagwati’s room she smiles at us. Her right leg is all covered with white plaster. I hold her hand, which is very cold. I look into her eyes, which are full of tears. I can feel her pain and tears roll down from my eyes as well. She presses my hand and says, “Osho has saved me. I have seen a miracle. I was coming for discourse on the local train. As the train slowed down arriving at the platform of Churchgate station, I got up from my seat and stood near the door. One boy tried to snatch my handbag and I lost my balance. I fell down from the moving train onto the platform and slipped underneath onto the railway lines. There was a very narrow space between the lines and the platform but I saw my body lying straight in that space and the wheels of the train were passing near my body almost touching it. When the train stopped, people pulled me out and then I went unconscious.” Telling this unbelievable incident, Bhagwati’s eyes were shining with trust in her master. After sitting near her for ten minutes, we come out and talk to the doctor who assures us that her leg will be all right in three months.

     Bhagwati has accepted the whole situation with gratitude. After being in hospital for two weeks, she comes home to rest until the plaster is removed. These two and a half months in bed seem to be a blessing for her. I visit her almost every day and observe the transformation happening to her, which is so apparent on her face. Nothing else to do but to lie down in bed. She listens to Osho’s taped discourses and meditates. She shares her experiences with me. Osho inquires about her whenever I go to see Him.

     Somehow, three months are over and the plaster on her leg is removed. She starts walking on crutches and finds that her broken leg has become a little shorter than the other one. She consults with her doctor who suggests a minor surgery again and Bhagwati agrees to it.

     Osho is informed about it and He sends her the message to see Him before going to the hospital for the operation.
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