Tale 77

     Bhagwati is very happy. She is meeting Osho today in the afternoon after four months. Tomorrow the time for the operation is set for 11:00am. She has to be admitted into the hospital this afternoon. By 3:00pm we reach the Woodlands by taxi. Osho greets Bhagwati with a big smile on His face and tears roll down from her eyes in gratitude. She touches His feet and Osho places His hand on her head. I feel something strange is happening around us. Everyone is silent. Maybe Osho is doing ‘Shaktipat’ on Bhagwati. ‘Shaktipat’ is a transmission of energy from the master to the disciple. I can see Bhagwati’s face radiating with an aura of light around her. Osho opens His eyes, smiles at her and says, “Good Bhagwati.”

     Looking at me, He says, “Jyoti, take care.” Osho leaves for the bathroom. I hold Bhagwati’s hand, which is quite warm and is throbbing with energy.

     We reach the hospital in time where everything is nicely arranged. Bhagwati’s friend has also arrived there. Tomorrow morning there is Osho’s discourse in Patkar Hall and we decide that after the discourse a couple of Sannyasins will come to the hospital and be present while the operation is being done. Bhagwati is in high spirits. I hug her and leave.
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