Tale 78

     Today Osho is speaking on Mahavira in Patkar Hall at 8:30am. After discourse at about 10:00am, Kabir and Karuna decide to go to the hospital and I go to my office with the idea to visit Bhagwati in the evening. At 12:00, I get a phone call from Laxmi informing me that Bhagwati is in serious condition  and I have to send a message to her parents. There is no phone at Bhagwati’s home. I don’t understand anything so leave the office and go to visit Bhagwati.
     I hire a taxi and reach the hospital in fifteen minutes. I am shocked when I see Bhagwati’s aunt sitting on the verandah of the hospital crying. I rush to the room and a nurse guides me to the operation theater. I can’t believe my eyes when I see Bhagwati lying dead on the operation table covered with a white sheet. My mind goes blank watching her silent relaxed face as if she is in deep meditation. My heart breaks down. I touch her head which is ice cold and I start crying more. Bhagwati’s friends who are reciting Slokas from Geeta get up and hug me. Slowly I calm down remembering Osho’s words, “Jyoti, take care.”
     Sitting on the floor in the operation theater, I recollect the incidents: 1) how Osho insisted on Bhagwati coming to the Mount Abu camp; 2) how she got saved from the railway accident and had four months to get ready for her death; and 3) how Osho transmitted His energy to her when she met Him before the operation. I am sure Osho knew her death was approaching which is very clear from the last letter He wrote to her.

     Beloved Osho, your compassion is infinite.
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